This page is a compendium of info screens for every tile type in Infinitesimal Quest 2 + ε. It's generated by simalq.tile.tilepedia.html. It reflects default values for each type; in game, for example, monsters can have more than 1 HP.


a wall

Among the most numerous and persistent of the obstacles that stand in the way of your inevitable victory. This man, with lime and rough-cast, doth present Wall, that vile Wall which did these lovers sunder; And through Wall's chink, poor souls, they are content To whisper, at the which let no man wonder.

the Void

Unshaped matter of the realm outside time and space. Mortal magic can't so much as make a dent in it.

| a pillar

A structure of vaguely Roman style.

a broken pillar

It's just a chest-high half of a pillar now. Good thing it wasn't load-bearing, huh? It makes for good cover against enemy shots.

a hole

Watch your step.

++a door

It's unlocked, but it just won't stay open. Maybe that's for the best, since monsters are too dumb to operate it.

++a locked door

Fortunately, Tris knows how to pick locks. Unfortunately, she was wearing her hair down when she got whisked away to the dungeon, so she doesn't have any hairpins. You may have to use a key.

++a locked disappearing door

This advanced door destroys not only the key used to unlock it, but also itself. A true marvel of engineering.

##a closed portcullis

Finally, a kind of door that can be locked more than once. The keys are still really fragile, though.

""an open portcullis

Open the gate! Close the gate! Open the gate a little!

+a treasure chest

This locked strongbox is too tough to smash apart, but its boards are so warped that you can peek (or even shoot) at what's inside before you decide to spend a key on it. We'll dig up the box. We know it's full of precious booty. Burst open the locks, And then we'll say "Hooray!"

++a metal door

This massive slab of steel will certainly not be opened with a sad little bargain-basement skeleton key. Your best bet is looking for a remote switch of some kind.

+|a metal-door control

A switch (too awkwardly designed to be flipped with an arrow from Tris's bow) that can open a metal door somewhere in the dungeon. It can also close the door, in case you want to bring half a ton of steel hurtling down on somebody's head.

+a one-way door (north)

My way or the highway!

+a one-way door (east)

My way or the highway!

+a one-way door (south)

My way or the highway!

+a one-way door (west)

My way or the highway!

> an exit

Get me outta here.

##a cracked wall

I think this dungeon might not be up to code.

a breakable wall (meridional)

This dungeon is coming down like a house of cards.

a breakable wall (zonal)

This dungeon is coming down like a house of cards.

^a fading wall

A polite and bashful sort of wall that will opt to disappear into thin air rather than stand in the way of Her Royal Highness Princess Triskaidecagonn XIII. If only more of the dungeon was so mindful of your station.

a phasing wall (in phase)

An all but completely ordinary wall. It can be temporarily warped out of existence by various devices, such as a phase trigger.

a phasing wall (out of phase)

A bit of gray fog betokening the ghost of a wall that was, and may be again. You can move and shoot through it freely. Monsters, on the other hand, can be a bit superstitious about it.

|a phase trigger

An immobile switch that toggles phasing walls. Tris's expertise in target shooting allows her to trigger one of these with a single arrow.

a pushblock

Where do video games get all their crates from? There must be entire warehouses full of 'em, am I right?

|a wall generator (north)

Ever wondered where all those walls come from?

|a wall generator (east)

Ever wondered where all those walls come from?

|a wall generator (south)

Ever wondered where all those walls come from?

|a wall generator (west)

Ever wondered where all those walls come from?

{ a water fountain

An ornate decorative fountain featuring a statue of a particularly homely goblin. The fountain's spray fills the air about it with a refreshing mist.

{ a poisonous fountain

An ornate decorative fountain featuring a statue of Death himself. The fountain's spray fills the air about it with a suffocating miasma.

{}a gate

A small stone arch containing a rippling, sparkling sheet of colored light. It functions as a magic portal that can send you elsewhere on this level. Sadly, arrows in flight won't survive the trip.

{}a one-shot gate

A small stone arch containing a rippling, sparkling sheet of colored light. It functions as a magic portal that can send you elsewhere on this level. Sadly, arrows in flight won't survive the trip.

a teleporter

A bulky cubic device representing an early attempt at teleportation technology. Its operation is a bit convoluted. The fun part is, you can tele-frag with it.

a controllable teleporter

Go anywhere your heart desires! Restrictions apply.

<1a wallfall trap

Easy there, Admiral Ackbar. This kind of trap isn't necessarily dangerous. Well, admittedly, the key word here is "necessarily".

1a trapped wall

The special thing about this wall is that it can be destroyed by wallfall traps. What's the deal with monster closets? Monsters are proud of who they are, am I right? I'll be here all week.

<>a fixed damaging trap

A dense assortment of pointy, painful objects that can penetrate the toughest footwear.

<>a one-shot damaging trap

A tiny hole in the floor that shoots a ball bearing in your eye with uncanny accuracy. Fortunately, it has only one shot.

<>a paralysis trap

A magical field that causes you to vividly remember something embarrassing that you did as a teenager, forcing you to briefly freeze in horror. The problem with being royalty is that awkward adolescent moments all too easily become international incidents.

##a web

This spiderweb is the size of a really big spiderweb. Until Idok cleans up the dungeon properly, you'll have to tediously carve your way through the webs with your sword. Got any recommendations for a good smitemaster?

<>a weakness trap

This complex gadget swiftly adorns Tris with impractical hyperfeminine attire, including a frilly pink dress and stiletto heels. It will take more than that to extinguish Tris's indomitable tomboyish fighting spirit; still, the new duds make fighting a bit awkward. Fortunately, these are all disposable fast-fashion items made solely for the 'Gram #ootd, and will disintegrate in moments.

<>an anti-magic trap

May I take your cloak?

<>a poison pressure plate

Finally, some controls for the poison vents. But it's not very precise, and it can only be triggered once.

<>a poison-protecting pressure plate

Finally, some controls for the poison vents. But it's not very precise, and it can only be triggered once.

<>an arrow trap

You'd think that something called an "arrow trap" would shoot arrows at you. But no, this thing traps arrows. A ghostly hand pops out of the occult sigil on the floor to grab your arrow midflight with unerring accuracy. Then the hand tears the arrow into bits, just so you can't recover it. How petty.

<>a phase trap

A pressure plate faintly inscribed with a ying-yang symbol.

, a broken trap

This once-vicious trap has decayed from neglect and is now pointlessly collecting dust. It was probably implemented in Flash or something.

, a pile of debris

Dungeon trash like sawdust, loose stones, pebbles, greasy chicken bones left over from goblin feasts, broken wands, and maybe a dead body, all bunched together into a small mound. Running through it will knock it over and get your boots really gross.

||a magical barrier (meridional)

It's some kind of forcefield.

==a magical barrier (zonal)

It's some kind of forcefield.

()a magical energy shield

These glittering barriers of orange plasma offer you plenty of protection and monsters none at all. Enjoy 'em while they last.


$ a lump of fool's gold

Whoa! This is worthless. But no less than worthless, at least.

$ a pile of silver

Ooh, not quite as shiny.

$ a pile of gold

Ooh, shiny.

$ a handful of gems

Ooh, shinier.

% a meal

Food, glorious food!

% a snack

A little something to tide you over.

some rotten food

Idok was hoping to fool you with this, but he forgot to take off the label that says "POISON: Do Not Eat".

% an empty platter

It looks like one of the monsters got to this food first.

% some dessert

In the gustatory tradition of Tris's kingdom, saving room for dessert became so highly valued that there arose a practice of eating dessert as the first course.

a jar of poison

I think you're not supposed to drink this.

a key

Idok uses only the worst locks and keys that money can buy. The keys are bulky and heavy, yet immediately snap into pieces on being used once, and every lock can be opened by any old key.

some magic arrows

Now we're talkin'! These missiles engraved with mystical runes hit hard and keep on going. Sadly, Tris is so excited to use them that she can't shoot mundane arrows until she's used them all up.

a clock

Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!

! an amulet of invulnerability

A star-shaped pendant with two black spots in the center. Its magic is short-lived but potent indeed.

! a cloak of invisibility

A cape enchanted with the power of the night sky. Try not to get it snagged on any loose flagstones (especially when it's invisible).

! a potion of speed

This cool concoction puts a pep in your step and a swiftness in your sword-swings.

! an amulet of poison

Finally, somebody concocted a poison that hurts monsters but not you. This handy wearable fumigator lets you apply it hands-free.

! a passwall amulet

Looks like the ethereal power of one of those many, many evil undead phantasms rubbed off onto this little trinket. Try not to let the magic run out when you're entirely surrounded by walls. Getting buried alive is a bad way to go.

! a ring of protection

Also known as a ring of anti-anti-magic. Fortunately, anti-anti-anti-magic traps are still in dungeon R&D.

a magical key

A huge key blinged out with a nearly-as-huge finely cut amethyst. It's so powerful that within a few moments of being activated by your body heat, it opens itself, leaving only a shiny dust that has too many heavy metals to be useful as glitter.

/ a wand of nothing

Technically magical, but not terribly useful.

/ a wand of shielding

Cowardice is the better part of valor.

/ a wall-making wand

This device is detested by the stonemason's union, but valued by homeowners and combat engineers, not to mention tyrants who desire vast dungeons.

/ a wall-destroying wand

I always thought the phrase "open sesame" was a humorous deliberate corruption of "open says-a-me", but since it comes to us from French, if not from Arabic and then French, this is unlikely.\n\n I've got a hole in me pocket.

/ a wand of exit

Showmanship, George. When you hit that high note, you say goodnight and walk off.

/ a phase wand

This attempt to create a portable phase trigger didn't entirely succeed.

/ a wand of webs

Of all the wands you can find in the dungeon, this is definitely one of them. It looks and feels awfully like a body part from an oversized arachnid, and it makes a huge mess, but it has its uses.

/ a wand of death

This fell device vibrates with the barely contained energies of Hades as they hunger for the souls of the living. Aim carefully.

/ a wand of annihilation

Now this is a real wand of nothing. A wand of nothingness. A wand of nothing left.

/ a wand of flame

Clean out the cobwebs and have yourself some barbecued goblin.

/ a wand of teleportation

A disposable controllable teleporter in convenient portable form, to get you in or out of trouble as the situation demands.

/ a wand of remote action

This wand bears an uncanny resemblance to a grabber arm, and is nearly as useful. Many a wizard has used one to eat tortilla chips from across the room. Now this marvelous power is yours.

0 a standard bomb

Medieval-esque swordsmen tossing the occasional explosive has been a tradition since 1986. But you shouldn't expect to find a lot of these, so make 'em count.

0 a strong bomb

A bigger bomb for the discerning bomber.

0 a super-bomb

Heavy ordnance. Kills monsters dead, with a bomb pattern that would put a feather in Colonel Cathcart's cap. "Kaboom?" "Yes, Rico. Kaboom."

0 a poison-gas bomb

A lot of highly concentrated toxic gas, coupled with an explosive that quickly disperses it. Such poisons are indiscriminate in their death-dealing. Well, that's not true. They discriminate thoroughly in favor of the many poison-proof monsters. They just won't hold back on you. Chemical Weapons Convention? More like Chemical Weapons Suggestion.

0 an earthquake bomb

Magic and technology have combined into an explosive that can make the earth itself tremble in a limited area. The methodology was originally developed as an alternative to fracking, but it proved more useful in military applications. You were too tricky for your own good, Thanos!

[ the Magic Shield

The best defense is a good defense.

( the Elven Bow

A mighty weapon carved from sacred wood in the realm of maple syrup and free healthcare.

) the Holy Sword

A weapon blessed by the vaguely defined divine personages that may or may not watch over you. What it lacks in lore, in makes up for in murderyness. I came not to send peace, but a sword.



A sort of orcish clown car, facetiously called a village.

o an orc

A green-skinned, muscle-bound, porcine humanoid with a pointy spear and a bad attitude.

g a goblin

Goblins are a smaller, uglier, smellier, and worse-equipped cousin of orcs that try to make up for it with even more sadistic malice. It almost works.

G a ghost

A spooky apparition bearing a striking resemblance to a man with a sheet draped over him. Giggle at your peril: it can discharge the negative energy that animates it to bring you closer to the grave yourself. Lemme tell ya something: bustin' makes me feel good!

b a bat

Dusk! With a creepy, tingling sensation, you hear the fluttering of leathery wings! Bats! With glowing red eyes and glistening fangs, these unspeakable giant bugs drop onto… wait. These aren't my lecture notes.

B a giant bee

Bees bafflingly being bigger'n bats. This is the kind that can survive stinging you. You might not be so lucky.

d a devil

A crimson-skinned, vaguely humanoid monster. Its eyes glow with the malevolent fires of hell, which it can hurl at you from a distance. Its claws are sharp, but don't hurt quite as much as getting roasted. To its enduring shame, it has no protection whatsoever against fire damage.

w a wizard

This fresh-faced would-be scholar has finished sewing the stars onto his robe and is starting to grow a beard. Idok has told the whole class that whoever kills you gets tenure. Considering what the rest of the academic job market is like, the offer has proven irresistible to many.

s a shade

A dark spirit with mastery of its semi-corporeal form, allowing ordinary arrows to pass right through it. As it approaches, it hisses "Death!"

i an imp

Weak but incredibly annoying, this snickering little fiend is called a "lobber" in the tongue of the ancients. It throws hellstones, cursed missiles that can pierce most any obstacle. In close quarters, it resorts to cowering helplessly and begging for mercy, but, being a literal demon, it has no compunctions about getting right back to firing at you the moment it feels safe.

T a thorn tree

From a distance, you can safely giggle at the ghostly. Up close, this arboreal abomination will rake you with its twisted, spiny boughs. Arrows snag in its branches and glance off its gnarled bark, so an intimate encounter may be unavoidable. On the other hand, it's rather flammable. Remember, only you can start forest fires.

K a Dark Knight

This dread warrior wears ink-black armor and carries a heavy chain mace. His devotion to the powers of evil (not to mention his willingness, nay, eagerness to kill you) makes his appropriation of Batman's epithet questionable at best. When you get down to it, he's just trying to distract you from the fact that he's the most basic enemy in the whole dungeon.

t a Tricorn

Named not for a hat, but for the three horns projecting from their equine heads, Tricorns spend decades mediating while cocooned in woolen blankets. Their richly cultivated spirituality allows them to unleash a spark of static electricity from a fair distance, albeit still not as far as your arrows can fly. Up close, they can poke you with their horns for slightly less damage.

D Death

A shadowy hooded figure bearing a wicked scythe who speaks in all capital letters. It can be destroyed, but don't expect that to be easy.

N a negaton

A quantum of negative energy motivated only by a hatred of princess-based life forms. It can expend its entire payload in a single attack, and, being essentially mindless, it has no qualms about doing so. Magic arrows are pretty much the only thing strong enough to hurt it.

f a floater

A giant aerial jellyfish, kept aloft by a foul-smelling and highly reactive gas. It doesn't fly so much as float about in the dungeon drafts. If disturbed, it readily explodes, and its explosions have the remarkable property of harming you and nobody else.

O a blob

What looks like a big mobile puddle of slime is actually a man-sized amoeba. It retains the ability to divide (but not, fortunately, to grow), and its lack of distinct internal anatomy makes arrows pretty useless. It has just enough intelligence to notice that you're standing next to it and try to envelop you in its gloppy bulk.

s a gunk seed

A seed of discord the size of a basketball that can flood a room inside of a minute. Think fast.

O a gunk

A peevish and very prolific pile of puke that pokes with pseudopods. It resists most weapons, and even if you do manage to kill it, it leaves a seed behind.

S a specter

Yet another evil undead phantasm. This one's a real piece of work: it has a powerful heat-drain attack and the ability to teleport past obstacles.

S a giant spider

This eight-legged beastie has powerful jaws, high-speed spinnerets, and the mark of a white skull embedded in the brown fur of its big fat abdomen. It's definitely giant and ambiguously intelligent, but not friendly or talkative.

Z a turret

A wretched organic structure, fashioned from fiendish flesh. It twists about to aim its toothy maw, from which it belches flame. It's immobile, but dark magics make it almost invulnerable… almost.

W a teleporting mage

This academic has perfected the art of avoiding faculty meetings, thesis committees, institutional review boards, classes, and his own office hours, preferring instead to transport himself to conferences in tropical destinations. His strategy for evaluating students (such as yourself) is to observe them from afar and see how they perform under pressure.

W an archmage

A professor emeritus whose killer instincts have been honed by decades of publishing and not perishing. His canny eye can detect the least visible academic politics, and his mastery of grant-review panels has bought him the reagents for powerful spells. But even with the best health insurance in the land, he's found that aging has taken its toll: he can no longer cane the young folk with the vigor of his early years.


@ Princess Triskaidecagonn XIII

People who've met Tris and Argonn separately are sometimes surprised to learn that they're siblings. They don't look much alike.